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2023-2024 General Meetings

We meet on the third Wednesday of each month at the

  • Morning meetings:  9:30-11:30 AM

  • January, March, May, July, September and November 

  • Evening meetings:  7:00-9:00 PM

  •  February, April, June, August, October and December.


  • The guest fee is $5 for each meeting. The September meeting is free to guests.


  • All PQG meetings and workshops are “fragrance free.”

  • New Members are welcome to join at any time.

October 18, 2023

Guest Speaker: Allie McCathren




November 15, 2023 

Guest Speaker and a Special Event following the General Meeting



Jane Haworth is an award winning professional quilter specializing in custom memory quilts made from t-shirts, neckties and many other types of clothing collected over the years.  In addition to quilts she makes custom functional art items from repurposed material. Jane also instructs when she is not creating works of art for her customers she does works on her own projects.


The technique she uses on her quilts is mostly raw-edge college appliqué.  This allows her to cut, layer then glue the fabrics before machine quilting them. Influences for her quilts come from many places. She uses photos of landscapes, sea-life, birds and the work of illustrator Charley Harper. 

  • Special Event following the General Meeting

    • Bee Charitable Day


This is a reminder that Wednesday November 15th, after our morning general meeting, we will be hosting Bee Charitable Day at the Garden Center, from noon till 3:00 p.m.


      - Your Lunch

      - Sewing Machine with neutral color thread

      - Your favorite sewing tools

We will supply irons, cutting boards and rulers.

Quilt kits will be supplied or you are welcome to bring your own charity quilt to work on if you prefer. 


This is a fun event where we can visit with each other and become acquainted with other quilters.

A raffle will be held during the event, everyone will be a winner on this one!

December 20, 2023

Holiday Party

January 17, 2024

Special Activity following the General Meeting

Join me for an afternoon of exploring 3-D options. Using some 3-D blocks in a quilt can up the WOW factor. Use them as cornerstones in the border, randomly throughout the top, or make a highly textured quilt using al 3-D blocks.

We will be using traditional techniques to make 3-D pinwheels, bow ties, lots of different flying geese, prairie points, some origami, trapunto, and texture magic.

Come and join the fun.

February 21, 2024

Honor Your Own

March 20, 2024

Special Activity following the General Meeting

  • Love / Bee Charitable after the General Meeting

April 17, 2024

Spring Quilt Challenge

May 15, 2024

Special Activity after the General Meeting

  • Binding Bonanza with Julie Curry

We see it all to frequently:  a wonderful quilt top with a less-than-lovely binding.  In this workshop, you will learn techniques necessary to have a fantastic finish for your quilt creations.  You won’t be left “in a bind” to finish your quilts!

Techniques covered:      

  • Standard binding with hand stitching

  • Standard binding with machine stitching.            

  • Quick-Turn binding

  • Two Color (Reversible) binding

  • Magic Flange

All materials will be provided  and you will have an opportunity to practice the techniques listed above.  You just need to bring your sewing machine (in good working order) and a walking foot.  Oh, and a desire to learn!!

June 19, 2024

Guest Speaker: Julia McLeod

I’m an international award-winning quilt maker living and working in Northern California,

just east of San Francisco. I am available (in person and via Zoom) to present lectures,

teach workshops and judge quilt shows. 


Born and raised in England, I worked as a textile designer in the woolen and worsted mills of Yorkshire and Scotland before taking a job with a luxury tailoring company on London’s Savile Row. A design position at a menswear company in New York City brought me to the US, and I’ve been here ever since. I discovered quilt making on travels through the small Amish towns of Pennsylvania. Some of the first quilts I made were for my young children. 


Since 2016 I have specialized in making silk quilts, sourcing my fabrics from neckties, clothing and furnishing fabrics. I have a passion for reuse and recycling, which leads me to rescue vintage blocks and textiles. These reclaimed fabrics become the starting point for my quilt designs.


I feature on episode #2902. I am on the teaching faculty of Mancuso Show Management’s and . I blog regularly on a collaborative sewing blog,


July 17, 2024

Alice’s Love Event follows the General Meeting:


Alice Lam was a member of the Wanna Bees.When she passed away, her husband and son donated money to the guild in her name and asked the WannaBees to use the money to honor her.  Alice loved cooking, helping others, and entertaining friends and family.


Our celebration this year will be a sew-in for you to work on your own project.It will be after the July 17, 2024 PQ meeting at the Garden Center until 4:00pm.  Lunch will be served. Bring your sewing machine, sewing supplies, and project to work on.  


There is no admission price this year.


NOTE:  Irons and ironing boards will be provided.  Individual irons may not be used.


Signups will begin at the PQ May 15, 2024 meeting and end July 1, 2024. There is room for 30 to 35 members with sewing machines and another 10 or so members doing hand work. Contact Margaret Conti at or at a PQ meeting to sign up.  


Contact Margaret if you have any questions.

August 21, 2024

Me To You, Round 2

September 2024

Birthday Party, Fall Quilt Challenge, & Quilter of the Year

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