Community Outreach

Life Moves


Donation Quilts / Quilt Tops for LifeMoves are encouraged to make tops and complete quilts at home to be donated to the Life Moves serving the homeless. The requested size is twin-size (approximately 60" x 80"). Members also have an opportunity several times a year to work at PQ sponsored Bee Charitable Day.

Infant Baby Quilts

Members make little quilts from their "stash" to be donated to families in need.  San Mateo Health Foundation can take about 20 quilts a month for the Bundle of Joy programs for local families.  We also give additional quilts to Loved Twice, a non-profit charity that supports disadvantaged babies in the greater Bay Area.  Quilts should measure no smaller than 30" on a side and no more than 45" per side.  Quilts must be pre-washed prior to your donation to remove any potential contaminates.  Flannel backs are nice, but not required.

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Charitable Programs Specifications 

Preferred quilt sizes for our charitable programs:

Baby Quilts:

Bundle of Joy and Loved Twice   -   Minimum 30" on a side

                                                       Maximum 45" on a side

All infant baby quilts are to be freshly laundered

Twin Size Quilts:

Life Moves   - Approximately 60" x 80"