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May 2024 Fall Challenge Details:

September Challenge:  "TransitionsThe September challenge has three parts.


  • A fabric challenge. (It’s green, of course.) You must use a recognizable amount of the challenge fabric somewhere on the front of your quilt (binding is ok).

  • A thematic challenge. Your quilt must show a transition. It can be a pieced quilt with a transition of shape, or color, or size. Or it can be an art quilt showing a transition of some sort – a change of seasons, or a caterpillar/butterfly, a graduation, or a wedding or a baby, for just a few examples.

  • A technical challenge. Your quilt may not be a square or a rectangle with straight edges. So: it can be a shape that isn’t a square or rectangle, OR it can be a square or rectangle with a broken edge (mini-me, anyone?) or a complex edge (scallops, prairie points, apple cores, or hexies, for example). 


Your project must be a quilt. (No quilted clothing, bags, stuffed animals, etc.)  There is no size requirement, although be mindful that the County Fair sometimes has size limits for challenge quilts. Entry fee: $5/fat quarter. Fabric will be available at the Guild meetings and at Barb Hall’s Monday class, or you can email or text Jess Millikan at 415-509-6083 to make other arrangements. Entries will be shown on line and also in person at the Septembermeeting, so here’s the schedule:


  • Quilts delivered to Jess Millikan by September 3. (Or contact me and I’ll pick up your quilt from you). I’ll handle photographing for the on-line slide show and members will be able to vote electronically or in person.

  • Deadline for electronic voting for those unable to attend the Septembermeeting: September 16.

  • Quilts displayed, and winners selected at the General Meeting: September 18.


You’ll vote for your favorite quilts, considering creativity, workmanship, compliance with the challenge rules, and anything else that inspires you. 

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