Quilt Challenge


Pictures of the quilts entered in the "Celebration" Challenge here 

Vaccinations are plentiful and before long we'll be able to meet in person again - maybe even by the time of our PQ Birthday Party in September.  And not long after that, it will be winter holiday season.  In short,it's time to celebrate!  And what better way to do that than with a quilting challenge?  So, we've decided to host a second 2021 PQ Challenge. The rules are essentially the same as the PQ Annual Challenge which we just completed, but with a few important enhancements which I hope will make this one even more fun.  Here's the stuff that's pretty much the same:

  • Entry fee is $5, which gets  you a fat quarter of the challenge fabric.  Fabric is available from Jess Millikan.  Email her at jbmillikan8@gmail.com or call/text her at 415-509-6083 to make arrangements to get the fabric.  (Or, get it when you drop off free table donations June 11-17 or when you "shop" the free table on June 18.)

  • Your project can be of any size, from mug rug to bed quilt, but it must be a quilt (no stuffed toys, etc.) and it must use a recognizable amount of the challenge fabric on the front.  Binding is OK.

  • Submit photos of your project (suggested: front, back, detail, and label) to Jena (jenakwalter@gmail.com) on or before September 1.  Photos should be full resolution, and the name on the label should be blocked out.  We will blast a slide show to all members and then vote on line.  Winners will be announced at the September Birthday Party meeting.

  • Prizes will be awarded for 

    • Viewer's Choice

    • Best Use of Challenge Fabric

    • Best Interpretation of Challenge Theme

    • Best Construction of Quilt Top

    • Best Quilting

    • Best Label

  • Each entry can only win one prize - if a quilt receives the most votes in more than one category, it will be awarded the prize where it earned the most votes and then will be disqualified from other categories.




As of now, it looks likely that our September meeting will be "live and in-person".  Hurray!!  That means that we should be able to actually see the quilts instead of just zoom-ing them.  But:  I'm also mindful that many of you won't be able to attend the meeting for one reason or another, so.....we've invented the "hybrid challenge."  Here's how it will work.


Participants will send photos of their entries to Jena by September 1, as previously required.  If anyone wants help photographing their quilt, let me know -- my husband, Ross, who is a talented photographer, has generously offered his help. Jena will prepare the slide show and it will be "blasted" to all of you about a week before the September meeting.  You will also receive a link to a Survey Monkey poll so anyone who is unable to attend the meeting in person will be able to vote. On-line voting will close 24 hours before the meeting.


Participants will bring me their entries (or make arrangements for me to pick them up) at least 48 hours before the meeting.  That will ensure that we know what we are dealing with, and can display them appropriately at the meeting.  It will also make it easier to keep the participants anonymous.  I will bring the entries to the Garden Center the day of the General Meeting and have them hanging before the meeting begins. 


Members will receive paper ballots as they arrive at the General Meeting, and voting will remain open until the beginning of the break.  Then, I'll go to work combining the paper ballots with the SurveyMonkey votes and applying our "win only once" rules.  As soon as I can get the votes tallied, we'll hand out "Wanda Ribbons" to all entrants and prizes to the winners.  


As previously announced, we'll award prizes for Viewer's Choice, Best Use of Challenge Fabric, Most Creative Interpretation of Challenge Theme, Best Construction of Quilt Top, Best Quilting, and Best Label.  (Each entry can only win once.)  In addition to the mystery gift bag, each winner will receive a $20 discount coupon good for the PQ Workshop of their choice!!