2019-2020 Board Members

Elected Officers

*President: Jena Walter

*Vice President/Pres. Elect: Angi Merlone

*Treasurer:  Leslie Lohmeier

*Recording Secretary: Linda McAllister (AM) and vacant (PM)

*Corresponding Secretary:  Arleen Powell

*Past President:  Jess Millikan


Appointed Officers

*Parliamentarian:   Michele Parry

*Historian:   vacant



NCQC: Terry Caselton

Bee Coordinator:   June Wallach

*Activities and Educational Events:   Judy Miyake

Annual Challenge:   Jess Millikan

PQ Retreat:   Barbara Hall & Gale Green

County Fair Liaison:   Wanda Dragon


*Fund Raising Chair:   Gale Green

Opportunity Quilt 2019-20: Jess Millikan

Opportunity Quilt Tickets:   Jess Millikan

Raffle Baskets:   Sue Garcia and Irma Lopez

Studio Tour 2020: Connie Bowles and Sara Guyol

Quilt Exhibit/Show (biennial): Julie Curry & Judy Miyake

Auction 2021: N/A


*Membership Chair:  Ruth Gilroy & Kathy McGuffin


*Programs Chair:   Teresa Rosensweig

Speakers: Terry Caselton  (yr 1 & 2)

*Speaker Support:  Terry Caselton 

Workshops:  Terry Caselton

Hospitality:   Grace Hardy

2020 Birthday Event:   vacant

2019 Holiday Event:   Seams to Bee

*Outreach Chair:  Julie Curry

Infant/Baby Quilts: Joyce Wheeler and Linda Hester

LifeMoves Quilts:   Judy Miyake, Linda Hester and Julie Curry

Bee Charitable Day & Storage:   Judy Miyake, Linda Hester and Julie Curry



*Newsletter: Carol Blitzer

*Webadmin:  Kathy McGuffin

Social Media Co-ordinator: Sara Medina

Email Blaster:   Rita Leung

Roster:   Michele Parry


iVolunteer:   Michele Parry


*Voting Board Members

Peninsula Quilters Guild of San Mateo County

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